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I would like to give a big  warm Welcome to all of you who comes to visit my blog and i hope that you find satisfaction each and every time that you visit and maybe you would be glad to spread the word to your friends and family especially when it comes to making money online because i myself

thru the years i have joined more programs than i could remember and spent thousands and lost the same. But you know i have learned that when you get a Student Loan to go to college  you have to pay so you know what i was doing i was going to the school  of hard knocks and i also had to pay.

Now that is the way that i learned hands on experience and the year 2001 i begin living on the internet around 8-10 hr a day this was just something that i loved and i started to make money and i love it even more then i begin to see  all the possibilities my self esteem grew and my boss at my job

new that he could not push me around like he do most of the others I got the utmost of respect from
him he let me do what ever i wanted and this was with all the jobs that i would go to. Some wanted me
to build them websites and other's would ask me to show them how to make money online and a lot
has joined some of the programs that i was involved in and now I am a full time internet marketer.

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